365 Doll Poetry (Sept. 2001 to Sept 2002)

What if someday were today?

I would make a doll. I would jot down a poetic verse or two. On September 12, 2001, I brought what I love to do into my daily routine when an artist friend inspired me to do artwork every day for a year. “Whatever your medium is, you can do it!” So, I have done it. Every day for that year I created a doll and wrote a poem.

The process reminds me that every day is indeed precious. By directing our creative energy in the direction of what we truly deem important, small action steps can make a difference… and add up!

So, what brings you joy? What is it that you wish to create? May this collection of spirit dolls and ‘text messages’ alert us to all we have to share and inspire us to honor our unique creative work… always and in all ways… even today.

A Practice of Paint (Sept. 2009 – Sept. 2010)

I’m new to painting. Last fall I began a simple practice of paint. Simple because it means mixing colors, making a swatch and then painting with that color. Each day is the not-so-simple part.

To actually step into my art room at home, open the tubes of color I’m drawn to, and then let the latest mix find its way to one or more of several canvases in progress is the practice. None of these paintings you see would be here, just as they are, without this daily commitment to doing what brings me joy… even if it is a little bit… each day.

One night last September, some friends and I were talking about six-word biographies. It was the eighth year to the day that I had started a different daily practice, as many artists do to stay with their artwork, to make a doll and write a poem every day for a year. What would I do this time? Paint with one color (at least) and write six words!

The practice is not about paint or words. The process reminds me that every day is an opportunity. By directing my creative energy to something I truly enjoy, small action steps do make a difference.

So, what brings you joy? What is it that you wish to create? May this simple collection of paintings remind and inspire you to honor your unique creative work… even today.

Mandalitas (Sept. 2010 to Present)

On Sept. 12 of 2010, I began a daily practice of writing a prayer, jotting down the response I perceived and drawing a little circular design. Just to color with colored pencils brings me joy! Now I refer to these as “mandalitas,” or little mandalas imbued with the spirit of the prayerful text.